About Us

We specialize in converting business ideas into viable business plans that can be taken to banks for obtaining loans, will help in pitching investors, and will streamline the business by identifying gaps and outlining an actionable strategy.

Our business planning services will connect all the dots and will bring forward a clear picture of the whole business by identifying the following:
  • Whether or not your business stands a good chance of making profits Provide you with a cost-benefit analysis, and the required sales in order to break even and make profits
  • Anticipate the potential problems, so that risks can be mitigated before they appear
  • Devise an effective marketing strategy and an operational plan based on the nature of the business
  • In-depth study of the industry and insight into industry trends, presenting the facts and figures
  • An in-detail competitor’s analysis and a guide on how to stand out from the competition



I’m a Business Model & Business Plan Consultant with a background in investment & real estate. I’ve been on the consulting side of the business world since my career began – and I haven’t looked back since. Today I’ve consulted numerous startups. I’ve worked with companies in biotech, hospitality, health & fitness, real estate, from an innovative greenhouse start-up to a social enterprise helping immigrant women. I am passionate about start-ups & I have enormous respect for entrepreneurship.

I’ve worked directly with 100+ entrepreneurs over the years, and I become just as invested in the risk they take on as they are. There is nothing I admire more than seeing an entrepreneurial dream come to life. My passion for offering entrepreneurial support means that I’m constantly learning, adapting & pivoting – and I wouldn’t trade my eclectic toolkit for the world. I earned my MBA, but I’ve also studied Project Management, Management Consultancy Strategy, Financial Analysis & Life Coaching – with more to (surely) come.

Connect with me to discuss your business idea and will work together in converting your idea into a deliverable reality.