Case Studies

Here is a showcase of some of our recent success stories. These clients used our services to catapult their businesses toward success. This collection of business plan case studies highlights the variety of companies, with which we’ve worked in the past.


Vertical Hydroponics Farm
We have supported a Canadian entrepreneur with a business plan to support hiring diverse talent. Together, we built a viable business plan of setting up a vertical hydroponic farm for growing greens. Our client was driven to help specially-abled individuals and we reached a decision that growing food was the most suitable business-type option. The business idea is all set to launch and disrupt the Canadian agricultural landscape by growing the freshest produce while creating opportunities for those on the Autism spectrum.


The Ranch
We had the honour of preparing a business plan to be presented to NCC to obtain the lease of public property. We outdid ourselves in creating an unbeatable business plan that highlighted the property’s potential and it could be turned into an outdoor destination for locals and visitors, given the right management. Our client received immediate acceptance from NCC.


The Box of Life
Sometimes entrepreneurial inspiration comes to those who already have a successful day job! We worked with the founder of the vermicomposting bins business in Ottawa, to curate a plan that worked for their availability, comfort, and niche. The Marketing Plan highlighted industry statistics, AIDA approach, SWOT analysis, competitors analysis, comprehensive market analysis including market segmentation and target audience, detailed marketing strategy with the specified budget, and the weekly content planning as well as a buyer’s persona to help with targeting audience for the advertisement, and a list of influencers with similar values aligning with the brand message to collaborate with.


Auto Wiz
Auto Wiz is a centre for automotive repairs, which had a comprehensive business idea and was not quite ready to present it to investors to obtain funds. We created a business plan for them and also summarized it in the form of a presentation to be used as a business guide and a pitch.


Lift 247
We created a comprehensive business plan for a couple based in Ottawa who wanted to set up a gym in the outskirts of Ottawa. We prepared a business plan that compiled their competitive edges, a comprehensive operations plan, marketing plan, and financial projections to help them materialize their business idea.